Rihanna – Needed Me [LAMEBOT Remix]

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Strains EP 2 Out Soon

If you are new to the whole #LegendOfLAMEBOT world… “Heyyyy”. See cuz the more y’s in there, the more I want to… well just search “The Y Factor” in Urban Dictionary. Anyway, welcome and thank you! My twitter has grown as of late, and if you follow me anywhere else, Twitter is by far whereContinue Reading

Mid-Summer Night’s Update

It’s been a minute since I posted something and it’s definitely about that time! “Strains: Variety Pack EP 2” is inching it’s way across that finish line to release glory, meanwhile EP 3 is already written and in the tweaking stages. So the songs aren’t finalized, but i have a good chunk of material ready.Continue Reading

Bermuda Beach

Just a few nights ago, I had the opportunity to throw down my own brand of bass at what the Miami New Times deemed as “Miami’s best free concert of the weekend”.Continue Reading

I Miss the Old Kanye

I used to love Kanye. Graduation is still my favorite album he’s put out. With all that’s been going on lately and the (at least in my opinion) laughable gall that came with Yeezy Season 2, I was expecting an absolute shit storm of an album. Almost a perfect storm of musical atrocities dipped inContinue Reading

Leap into the Future

It’s a leap year! February has 29 days and you have a new free song!Continue Reading

Zelda Style

As seen on my Instagram… I made this Zelda, Wind Waker styled piece and thought it might make for some cool wallpapers sooooooo here they are! Again, huge thanks to Kamikvze for designing the LAMEBOT mask vector! RIGHT CLICK + SAVE ASContinue Reading

New Fire

2015 was a great year. Lots of growth happened and “Strains” officially became a thing. A year later, the first EP is on iTunes and all that good stuff, and the next one is on it’s way real soon!Continue Reading

Nintendo All-Stars

I just played at Churchill’s Pub again in Miami, FL for “Cyborg Sunday”, but this one was all kinds of different. It being “Noise November” and all, the event turned into a giant “noise” festival outta nowhere! haha.Continue Reading

J-Rican – Complete

Every now and then I go on this producer remix site called indabamusic.com and load up for new remixes. I occasionally enter the competitions but honestly, I do it because it’s access to stems I may not get other wise. And it usually turns out in a new remix I can add to my bagContinue Reading