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There’s been lots of talk lately about the #RealDJing movement, and now with the release of the Native Instruments Kontrol S8, the main focus has shifted to “what’s next?” Native Instruments’ new controller is meant to be the centerpiece for the “next-gen” DJ and the central idea they’re pushing is live remixing. The remix decksContinue Reading

Running down a Mix down

Today I got to mix down a track for my good friend and Pistol Opera Agency cohort, Black-Tokyo Musik. I wanted to share some screen shots of what it looks like when I mix down tracks.Continue Reading

Sub-Bass demythified

Especially with my recent tracks, I have received a lot of questions on how I mix my bass and sub bass. What follows is some quick tips that can help you make better mixes by avoiding crushing techniques like limiters and compressors (which eventually distort the sound and limit audible levels, although not noticeable onContinue Reading

Flume: Inspiration is more important than gear

Flume: ARIA producer of the year 2013 – The newly crowned king on why he likes to work on the move PRODUCTION EXPO 2013: With a worldwide hit album, countless floor-filling remixes and Australia’s prodigious ARIA Producer of The Year 2013 award to his name, who better than Harley Edward Streten, aka Flume, to shedContinue Reading

Ableton 9 DJ Template + TouchOSC

Hey guys, I’ve been quietly working on refining my Ableton 9 DJ template which currently has a free version available on my site After studying some sessions from Mad Zach, Side Brain, Ill.Gates and more, I went back under the hood of my own template and made it a bit more efficient. Continue Reading

Pokémon: Catching a 2nd Mew

I’m a bit of nerd I guess. I love retro games. I’m not very good at most video games to be perfectly honest. But I still enjoy playing through or at least playing levels of retro games until I rage quit. I recently started re-playing through the first generation Pokémon game.Continue Reading

Video Game Synths

What?? Whether or not they are a prominent fixture in the track, I really enjoy video game style sounds. There are several different ways to achieve that chip tune, 16-bit aesthetic both with and without sampling. I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to make synthesizers like this without any need for sampling.Continue Reading