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2018 yo!

2018 yo!

I’m sorry for the very slow trickle writing of writing here for you guys. Activity with Strange Media is picking up and I still handle a lot of things that go into releases for myself and other artists. Lots of big stuff coming up this year, including our one-year anniversary for Strange Bass January 20Continue Reading

Ableton 9 DJ Template + TouchOSC

Hey guys, I’ve been quietly working on refining my Ableton 9 DJ template which currently has a free version available on my site After studying some sessions from Mad Zach, Side Brain, Ill.Gates and more, I went back under the hood of my own template and made it a bit more efficient. Continue Reading

Video Game Synths

What?? Whether or not they are a prominent fixture in the track, I really enjoy video game style sounds. There are several different ways to achieve that chip tune, 16-bit aesthetic both with and without sampling. I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to make synthesizers like this without any need for sampling.Continue Reading