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New Fire

New Fire

2015 was a great year. Lots of growth happened and “Strains” officially became a thing. A year later, the first EP is on iTunes and all that good stuff, and the next one is on it’s way real soon!Continue Reading

Nintendo All-Stars

Nintendo All-Stars

I just played at Churchill’s Pub again in Miami, FL for “Cyborg Sunday”, but this one was all kinds of different. It being “Noise November” and all, the event turned into a giant “noise” festival outta nowhere! haha.Continue Reading

J-Rican – Complete

Every now and then I go on this producer remix site called and load up for new remixes. I occasionally enter the competitions but honestly, I do it because it’s access to stems I may not get other wise. And it usually turns out in a new remix I can add to my bagContinue Reading

Minimal Bot

As usual while working on new music for you guys, I end up throwing away at least twice the amount of songs that actually get released. This was one of those ideas but, I liked it so much I wanted to give it a good mixdown and put it out.Continue Reading

Bandcamp Subscription & My New Ableton Template

Huge news! It involves my Bandcamp subscription, an Ableton production template, and a contest with a chance to be featured on my next release! If you don’t feel like reading too much, this short 3-minute video pretty much sums it all upContinue Reading

Orange Elephants & Sheezus

Some of you might have noticed that my Soundcloud page is looking a bit barren lately. Allow me to explain what’s going. I Have known for quite sometime that Soundcloud was trying to broker a big money deal with major labels in order to become yet another streaming service. Now let me clear the air,Continue Reading

Amanda Grymez 2.0 release day!!!

“Amanda Grymez” was the clear stand out from my 2013 album, and easily the most recognizable. I dropped it into most of my sets for a while but my sound kept evolving. As the tunes I was playing got sexier… I wanted “Amanda Grymez” to get sexier too.Continue Reading

Amanda Grymez (The Rebirth 2.0)

Amanda Grymez has returned… well kinda. I’ve been playing a new revamped version of Amanda Grymez for most of this year.Continue Reading

Strange Media 2015 Sampler

The Strange Media Productions 2015 Sampler released today and that makes me happy for two reasons…Continue Reading

Mochipet and Mr. Lif join forces

It’s been a long time coming, but great things take time right? Well on April 7th 2015, you’ll get to see what I’m talking about! And on April 20th…. well… a lot can happen on that day.Continue Reading