Ableton 9 DJ Template + TouchOSC

Hey guys, I’ve been quietly working on refining my Ableton 9 DJ template which currently has a free version available on my site After studying some sessions from Mad Zach, Side Brain, Ill.Gates and more, I went back under the hood of my own template and made it a bit more efficient. This video quickly covers the Ableton layout, the hardware I use, TouchOSC layout and midi mapping, and macro functions inside the tracks of the Ableton session.

What you’ll need

  • A computer running Ableton 9 (which you should have, since that’s likely what you’re reading this on)
  • OSCulator or Midi Bridge (or whatever your program you choose to connect your TouchOSC to your computer, I swear by OSCulator and have been using it since day one. You can buy it here OSCulator and you can even pair up Wii controls easily)
  • A tablet or smart device running TouchOSC (Heads up: my layout was tailored to the iPad screen size)
  • the latest version of Max For Live (which is free and available here: MAX For Live)
  • Mapulator (a Max For Live tool, download and read about it more in-depth over at DJ Tech Tools)
  • Tempo (which is another Max For Live tool available here: 4Live.Me)

Additionally, to get the same exact setup I have, you’ll also need two Novation Launchpad’s, iZotope Ozone 5 and iZotope Stutter Edit.  The plugins are not vital to the functionality, so save your wallet unless you absolutely MUST HAVE these.

I Hope you find it helpful and if you have any questions, or would like to see this version available for download, email me or message me on twitter @LAMEBOTMusic

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