April … even though it’s May

April … even though it’s May

Short intro. Here’s the mini mix for April… I know it’s late, I’m sorry. But also, it’s late cuz this month was hella dope!

Let’s rewind back to Miami Music Week & Winter Music conference which was amazing! We had a bit of a locals only type Strange Bass at The Bridge (4220 NW 7th Ave) and it was hella intimate and everyone played a bunch of unreleased tracks and ‘works in progress’. The rest of the week was meeting people and going to shows and events and it culminated for me on Friday at the Saturate Records show. I’ve been following this label since Vol 1 and its so cool to see how much they’ve grown. I love pretty much every release!

Mid-April, I went on the 420 Boombox tour with KRS-One. This was my second time doing a stretch of shows for the living legend and it was somehow even better. Instead of playing a side room, I was instead keeping the vibe for the first half of the party in the main room. Every KRS set had incredible energy and this vibe that was just indescribable. Unfortunately, we did lose someone on the tour and it wouldn’t feel right to write about this whole experience without mentioning his name. Chris Wanta was a member of Beach Lion and an overall cool dude. We’ve interacted at other shows before, he even saved my ass with some gear at a Dead Prez show. I’m a bit unclear on all the details but, he passed shortly after our show in West Palm. He never showed up for the next show at Sarasota and it struck everyone as odd. I don’t wanna get too serious or somber here so let me just say this… tell your friends you love them! I have zero problems telling my homies I love them because I do. And you never know what kind of difference that can make.

After the KRS shows, I had to collect myself and get ready to open up for Halogenix and hometown hero DJ Craze. I fanboyed pretty hard internally. It’s been a goal for me to play a show with Craze and it actually happened. Stay focused! Just a few days later, BassLine MIA made a return at a new venue and I got a chance to play a set for them as well. A bit of hiphop, a dash of bass music, shaken, not stirred, and served over Strange wonkiness. This April mix is heavily inspired by these shows. Lots of beaty type stuff but I had to open and close with some tongue in cheek references. I hope you dig!

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