Bass, Blunts, & the return of Bermuda Beach

Bass, Blunts, & the return of Bermuda Beach

Ten days into April and it’s already shaping up nicely. Let’s get the updates out of the way. In case you need a reminder or didn’t know and are clearly too lazy to hit the “TOUR” tab on the site, I got some shows coming up.
First up is this Friday, the 14th at Kill Your Idol in Miami Beach. But hold that thought, I’ll come back to it. The 19th I’ll be a guest on Let’s Talk About The Music Radio in Tacoma Washington. I’ll be talking about upcoming projects, medical marijuana, and all sorts of randomness. I’ll also be taking your questions on twitter, so holler at your BOT. You can listen live on Spreaker here:

4/20 is a special day for me. I’ll be in Miami playing the Miami 420 Music Festival at Churchill’s Pub. Strange Bass will be taking over one of the stages and we got a stacked lineup ready for you. The main room will feature performances by Lil Eazy-E and Layzie Bone. So blessed to play this event. Assuming I’m not in a weed coma, I’ll be playing Churchill’s again on the 26th with Otto Von Schirach, Origami, Charisma Coates, and my homie Kenichi Ohme. This marks the beginning of a new monthly that aims to provide more eclectic music and performance art. It’s also on a Wednesday so it starts a lot earlier too. I’ll be playing something weird I promise.

So now back to the show on the 14th. This show is special to me for three reasons.

  1. It marks the return of the “Bermuda Beach” party, the absence has been too long and I’m proud to be one of the people helping to bring this back.
  2. The last time I ever played at Kill Your Idol was May of last year (5.20.16). I played alongside Otto and it was a memorable night for various reasons I choose to omit at this time.
  3. I want to play a special set for the return of “Bermuda Beach” so I thought I would do something haven’t done in awhile and play an all house set.

When I started DJing, I would practice with songs by Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5, and the like. As a big early influence on my sound, I want to not only pay homage to Deadmau5, but also to my DJ roots. I learned to mix focusing on the EQ and volume faders, rarely using the crossfader, and mixing house for hours. Strains 3 is also nearly done and will bring the three part series to a close by calling back to my house roots in a future-forward fashion. So I’ll see you at Kill Your Idol, be sure to bring your dancing shoes, expect an all Deadmau5 set from me, and get ready to get lost in the groove.


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