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I haven’t been able to log into my own site for 2 days now and I can’t even see what my last post was so I don’t repeat anything. I figured I should write a post anyway and just have it ready to go once this server issues sorts itself out.

So, shit has been a bit non-stop this year which is great tbh. I think I told you guys about opening for Craze and Halogenix which was a big big check off of my “goals” list. After that I played the Rob Zombie after party which was hella rad. I got to play some NIN, Manson, KMFDM, and all that kind of stuff. Two days later I was playing Retro and Roots for Cinco de Mayo and I dropped some cumbia and took it back to the family BBQ days hahaha.

I got to have a few studio days with some really cool artists, I don’t even want to drop names. I just want to say there is some cool experimental stuff in the works. I went to two shows the next weekend that my homies where involved in and I got to see Yheti do his thing which is always a treat. Aside from that, we did a Cyber Trap Boutique popup for the big homie Ahol Sniffs Glue. The coolest part was the location. We bassed out at Arbetter’s hot dog. This place is a Miami institution. Been there since 1959 with the same menu and everything.

I was supposed to play a handful of out of state shows this summer and as luck would have it, they all got cancelled. So as of now, I’m looking at a very slow summer performance wise. Which is fine since I have a bunch of releases coming up. Plus, I wouldn’t mind getting in some more studio days to work on new tunes and finish up some rough drafts. Somehow during all of this stuff, I also managed to finish all the mixing and mastering for Marty’s new album called Spectacle. Truthfully, I’ve been a long time fan, so getting to work on his stuff is a bit surreal. But I also really enjoyed the whole album. He covers a lot of sonic ground in this one and plays with different shifting styles and instrumentations but always keeps that ‘purple’ Marty flavor.

Release wise, I got two tracks on the Strange Media Sampler. One of them is a collab with Golden Flora that I’m extremely proud of. It’s a really good melding of both our sounds. The other is called Maui Waui, and it’s a song I started way back in summer 2014. Took 5 years to get it sounding right and get the right notes in, but I’m excited to hear people’s reactions. Little easter egg, there is no actual bass line in this one. All the bass tones come from the kicks and the synth low ends. I still managed to get it sounding full. Every time I tried adding a true bass line, it just kind of jumbled everything up, so I decided to skip it completely and just EQ this track accordingly. It was a nice way to test my skills and try something new without sacrificing quality. I got some other singles coming and a remix or two and then the TRASH saga closes July 12th with “Maur Trash” coming out through MLKMNY records. I think that’s about it for now… OH WAIT!!!

I’m gonna have a friggin radio show starting next month! Me and the homie Darwin will be hosting a new monthly show on Jolt Radio, so stay tuned for that!

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