It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this…

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this…

My music is forever tied to video games and my image forever linked to Zelda (pun intended, sorry not sorry). I’ve decided to start a bit of an ongoing series. I’ll be taking 2-3 levels per game in the Legend of Zelda series and creating a loop pack for each. Bass, leads, and synths all with my signature sound design in WAV form so they can be imported into any DAW and looped, reprocessed or chopped up into something completely new. With each loop pack, I’ll also be including a song as an example of how you can push creatively to make something new from the stems. I made a little video for Instagram that gives you the details for the first pack. The song in the background is NOT the song I made, but just the original overworld theme song, redone with my own sound design.

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The loop packs will be available for free to all my Bandcamp subscribers. “What’s a Bandcamp subscriber and why should I do that” you ask? It’s a yearly subscription service where a one-time fee gives you a ton of stuff. When you sign up you a huge chunk of my back-catalog, anything else new I release that year, and all my “subscriber only” content such as my Ableton Template, Cataract Kush Stem pack, and these Zelda loops. Plus it’s a legit support my stuff and get some goodies in return. Anyway, I hope you guys dig the loop pack. I can’t wait to hear what you guys make with this stuff!



Vortex EP out on the 30th!

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