J-Rican – Complete

Every now and then I go on this producer remix site called indabamusic.com and load up for new remixes. I occasionally enter the competitions but honestly, I do it because it’s access to stems I may not get other wise. And it usually turns out in a new remix I can add to my bag of tricks. Future Beats Records and J-Rican had a competition going. I hadn’t actually logged in for awhile so when I saw the competition listed, I only had 2 days to submit my version. I heard the vocals and liked them because right away, I had like 5 different versions playing in my head. After an hour of tinkering, I settled on one and got to work. 3 Hours later, I had my initial arrangement and in just under 24 hours, I went from finding out about the competition, to a finished track. Here it is, enjoy while you can since it’s possible this might get me banned from Soundcloud lol.


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