LAMEBOT Loop Pack 1

MiniBruteHardware is expensive. I’m lucky enough to have a few key pieces I wanted, but lets be honest… I often find myself making songs on the go using my Mac keyboard to play notes and maybe my Midi Fighter if I’m lucky enough to have it with me. The majority of times I end up programming notes and what not. Gear doesn’t really matter to me, but that doesn’t mean if someone lends me a toy, I wont squeeze every ounce of fun I can muster from it.

A really dope producer buddy of mine, Potencia Incisive, was going out of town for a little and decided to lend me one of his prized pieces of kit. The Arturia MiniBrute is a 25-key analog monophonic synth and it makes some pretty badass sounds. He’s been experimenting with it a bit in his newer productions, but he wanted me to take a look and see what I could do with it. We’ve had some jam sessions before and just used it randomly, but this was my first serious look at it. I turned all the knobs to a neutral position and started having fun.

I had it hooked to my MOTU sound card which was feeding into my Ableton session and that’s when I realized the USB transmitted MIDI. Yes, I know it says so in the manual now but I had no manual, or any prior experience with this synth so it was news to me. I was friggin’ excited. I then decided to make a small loop pack out of the sounds I’d produce on the MiniBrute and release it free. I figured this would give people a chance to play with some sounds they may not have access to regularly.

I made the first batch and asked some of my Twitter followers to test it out. The response was awesome so I went back for round two. The result is basically two song ideas; one at 104 bpm and kind of like a glitch-hop, mid-tempo feel, and the other at 155 bpm and a bit grittier. That’s not to say you can’t mix and match, or chop and detune, or warp and completely flip, this was just my process in making the loops. I took in the feedback and decided to NOT make an Ableton pack (.alp file) since the file size was bigger and specific to one DAW. Instead, I bounced the audio to loop ready WAV files.

Sorry for making you read all this, but you can download the loop pack completely free here. In the zip file will be a folder housing both “dry” and “wet” versions of the loops. The “dry” folder is the sound directly from the MiniBrute with no alterations whatsoever. The “wet” folder contains the same loops in the same exact order but I have treated the sound. Using a mix of stock Ableton plugins and third party VST’s, the “wet” folder has loops that have all received that LAMEBOT touch and become something different. Mess around with all of it and let me know what you think. If you make something awesome with it, share the link in the comments below or hit me up on twitter! Enjoy and have fun. Music is life, life is love.

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