My style is no style. There is no preconceived genre for LAMEBOT. I make whatever sound allows me to share.

I was working on a song about two months ago and I went through a couple different synth lines and layered a few. It caught my ear but it was just too fast, so I dropped down from 164 to 136 Bpm and BAM!!! It just reminded me of late 90’s early 2000 trance. My brain had shifted gears, so I couldn’t imagine the synth lines any other way. I decided to keep working on the song with trance in mind. This was the end result. The song was made in about 3 hours from conception to initial arrangement. Of course slight changes were made over the two month span, as well as the mixing and mastering process. After debating on whether or not I would release the track on anything, I decided to share this with you guys as a digital single. I still feel it can be molded into something else, and it could really benefit from a strong female vocalist but I’d rather share it with you now. This single includes an original mix of the track followed by a VIP mix which has an extended outro break and a slightly wider dynamic range. You can grab free HERE. The cover has a faint image of Jassie james being all sexy and stuff 🙂

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