New Fire

New Fire

2015 was a great year. Lots of growth happened and “Strains” officially became a thing. A year later, the first EP is on iTunes and all that good stuff, and the next one is on it’s way real soon!
I’ve put up some singles and stuff on my soundcloud, which you guys seem to be digging, so I’m really excited/nervous/anxious to see how you all feel about Strains EP 2. It should be out sometime in February and will be coming out through Daly City Records. It’s going to have 7 new tracks and some really dope remixes from madSavvy, MarshSound, and Mochipet.


I also got a chance to do a cool little remix for one Lexa Terrestrial. You might know her from her latest release “Pull The Trigger” the video has over 18k views since November and going strong. We just released the remix for “Bang!” independently, so as you’re reading this, it should be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and everywhere else. So stream it and help us collect our 1/100th of a penny please! There’s a free download for it over here if you want to have it for keeps (CLICK ME).


Unofficially, I just finished my remix of Savant’s new track “Fire”. The original can be found here. The concept is cool, in a nutshell, this is Savant proving what most of us already know; you don’t need an entire room full of people to make a pop track. Even the video was a DIY type thing. The acapella is included when you purchase the song, so I grabbed it and went to work! My version has higher pitched vocals, bumps at 145 bpm in G minor, and sounds video-gamey?… game-ish? game-esque? Sounds like sega synths k. I wanted it sounding a bit over saturated, like a nice, extra warm, over played tape. Anyway, here it is, and you can grab it free! Savant - Fire [LAMEBOT Remix]

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