Pink Mango & NYE

What up! 2016 wrapped up nicely thanks to all of you. My last drop for 2016 was the official release of Pink Mango.This was a song that I had been playing live since 2014 in different variations. It was a bonus b-side if you downloaded Amanda Grymez (2.0 The Re-Birth) from my bandcamp and it was about time it got an actual release since it seemed to do so well every time I played it out live. My fav was alway watching girls seemingly loose control of their arms in the extra hype sections haha. The energy in this song is infectious, and truthfully I didn’t want to end the year with my last song being so somber. You can stream the song above or just download it free from the link below.
LAMEBOT – Pink Mango

I spent New Years Eve with the whole Bermuda Triangle family over at Wynwood Yard for the TropicAlien NYE Bass Drop.
Tropicalien NYE Bass Drop
I was making a special appearance with Otto Von Schirach to debut my new remix of Tipo Tropical and the crowd seemed to love it! I cant wait to officially release that! It’s a little tricky due to some legal mumbo jumbo, but we’ll get it done one way or another. In the meantime, keep coming to shows, I might just keep playing it  Check out the video for the original

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