There’s been lots of talk lately about the #RealDJing movement, and now with the release of the Native Instruments Kontrol S8, the main focus has shifted to “what’s next?” Native Instruments’ new controller is meant to be the centerpiece for the “next-gen” DJ and the central idea they’re pushing is live remixing. The remix decks are a great tool, but not everyone can (or should) go and by a new dedicated controller when you might have what you need to make your own.

NI_Kontrol_S8Now, I’m not saying I’m against dedicated remix deck controls, but I am saying ‘test the waters’. If you have a touchscreen deviceNI_Traktor_Kontrol_F1 with TouchOSC, you can make your own custom controller to test out before deciding to spend money on a new piece of kit.About three years ago, I wrote an article on the release of the remix decks and making a custom controller with an iPad. In truth, I was a bit upset at the fact you were forced to buy an F1 if you wanted to control the decks smoothly. Since then Native Instruments has opened up some more internal functions, but the only controller that is seamlessly integrated with all the utilities, remains the F1.

There’s a renewed infatuation with the remix decks happening now. Seems like more people are noticing them for the first time because more big time DJ’s have publicly backed it. There are a million ways to remix songs on the fly, but if you want to dive into the remix decks, then I know exactly where you should start. Hell even if you already have a basic understanding of them, the best thing you can do is learn about everything they are meant to do. Learn the rules, then break them like an artist.

The amazing crew over at TraktorTips.com put together a great course that covers everything you could possibly need to know about the Traktor remix decks. The course even goes into teaching you keyboard shortcuts, so you can control some basic functions even without a MIDI controller. I got a chance to preview the entire course and I heavily recommend it. You can find the course here. As far as making your own controller… here is the article I wrote back in 2012. Bear with me, the images I included originally have gone missing somehow, but whatev’s its three years old bruh, deal with it. I also include the TouchOSC layout, Traktor MIDI mapping and OSCulator mapping all for free. Enjoy!

Collab Live DJ Set/Album I did with Braincloud using only Traktor in 4 track deck mode – http://traktortips.com/traktor-dj-mix-lamebot/
Traktor Remix Deck Course – http://course.traktortips.com/remix-deck-course/
Remix Deck Tumblr Post – http://lamebotmusic.tumblr.com/post/28567156072/traktor-remix-decks-free-touchosc-template

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