I’m making it a bad habit to really space out these posts. So sorry. I had a bit of scare this past week. I had just come back home from an impromptu collab session with Madsavvy and the Bermuda Triangle King, Otto Von Schirach. I was editing the song to make my arrangement and poof!!! My screen went black and it would no longer boot up. Long story short, my RAM had fried and I had to get my entire logic board replaced… AGAIN.

Honestly, I can’t complain about my computer. It’s 6 years old and still out performs a lot of newer Macs and nearly every Windows laptop I’ve seen. I don’t like the newer Mac’s either. That touch bar thing is kind of gimmicky and the fact I would need hubs and dongles for everything is not a good look in a club setting. Plus, spec wise, not much has changed. Anyway, it was an expensive fix but well worth it and all my data was untouched. Ableton even asked to recover my session when I got it back.

Let’s see, last post was April so since then… I played a Rolling Loud themed afterparty at Kill Your Idol. Did a podcast interview with Fresh or Phresh (Que Bola Podcast Episode 5), got to play Proper XV with the homie Swimwear (turns out he knows a lot of the Bedsqueak fam!), had our June Strange Bass, and even welcomed the new party in Broward with some friendly competition in a Sadboy Saturday VS Strange Bass party. I also played the Sadboy Saturday party on my birthday. Nothing like showing up slightly tipsy and playing emo-bass lol. It’s been a busy time, I even had the opportunity to collaborate with Ahol Sniffs Glue when he did his Cyber Trap Boutique at Churchill’s. I played right after Oscar G, which was incredible on its own.

That was just June. In July I got to host and hold down the patio during GZA, played the 1-year anniversary of Black Market, and released my Trash 1 EP. It’s the start of a new ongoing project, the songs are low-key more personal than before since this time I want you to feel what I felt. They show a lot more of my own emotions and feelings, as opposed to trying to make you feel a certain way. I’ll talk more about this project in another post.

I been busy fam… Strange Bass became it’s own label now too. I had an official remix release for Otto, took over Shake 94.3 fm for an hour on a Saturday night, and went on the final 3 dates of the Project Pat Cheese-N-Dope tour. Now I’m just getting ready for next month, trying to wrap up some new music ASAP. I hit the road with Dead Prez one more time and the last stop is back in Miami and we’ll be partying with Talib Kweli. I’ll definitely try and be better with the posting on here, I also want to get back into making YouTube vids, but I want to know what kind of content you want to see. Well got to get back to work. See you soon hopefully!

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