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SketchingOn July 3rd I wrote about Tuna Knobs and the upcoming Kickstarter launch on the 7th. Unfortunately there is a slight delay due to product approval and the new date is set for the 9th. The good news about the delay is that it allows more people to be in the know before the launch date. Trust me this is a good thing. Word is that there will be lots of specials for the early birds who support the campaign.

In cased you missed the last article and have no clue what I’m talking about, you can read it here (This Is What The TUNA Do). In a nutshell, this product is set to mollify a very specific want while also pushing touchscreen controllers in a new tangent. I love my iPad for a lot of reasons, but mainly for the possibilities presented within Touch OSC and custom MIDI controllers applications. After investing some time, you can essentially replicate various MIDI controllers on the market now, or just create something completely unique to your setup. However, the one thing that always left me a bit unsatisfied was the lack of real knobs I can feel. There is a delicate balance of expression and precision that you get from knobs, and now we can take the experience over to touchscreen devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

ModelsThe more intricate I made my mappings, the less accuracy I had. More attention had to be paid to the placements of knobs and faders in relation to my finger movements. Every now and then, they would over lap and I would accidently move something I didn’t mean to. Luckily, I would have counter measures in place such as an on/off button or dry/wet ratios tied in to MIDI notes.

The guys over at Tweetonig seem to have taken their time to make sure they overcome things like this. I received some spec sheets on the surface area and active zones of the knobs so I can start working on custom mappings for both Traktor and Ableton users. I’m really looking forward to testing them out in the home studio and seeing how they hold up in show-like conditions… you know, tons of lights, hot as hell, and sweating under the mask after 20 minutes. The other awesome thing I heard from Tuna Knobs is that Touchable, the Ableton ready app, will have support for the Tuna Knobs on the next release!

Between Ableton and Max for Live, TouchOSC, and the Tuna Knobs, your DJ setup can be more minimal and efficient than ever. The possibilities really are only limited by imagination. I’m interested in finding the limits of the knobs and pushing past them. For now, they serve as an amazing link between old and new by allowing tactile feel and accurate control on a custom touchscreen controller. Be sure to keep an eye on the kickstarter now set to go live July 9th at 8am PST.

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