Strains EP 2 Out Soon

Strains EP 2 Out Soon

If you are new to the whole #LegendOfLAMEBOT world… “Heyyyy”. See cuz the more y’s in there, the more I want to… well just search “The Y Factor” in Urban Dictionary. Anyway, welcome and thank you! My twitter has grown as of late, and if you follow me anywhere else, Twitter is by far where I am the most active.

EP 1

Strains: Variety Pack EP 1 released a little over a year ago on March 17th 2015. It was a year in the making and had a ton of research behind the project I’m sure 98% of you fuckers never read. But trust me, it was some smart, concise shit. That whole project started a Strains EP 2 INSTA Promonew wave for me. It helped me create clearer song concepts and put me in a spot where I can really flex my writing muscles. Strains: Variety Pack EP 2 started essentially from the left overs that didn’t really fit the vibe I was curating in the first installment. As I was writing it, I knew Strains would become at least a three-part project.

After Strains EP 1 wrapped up, I went back to that EP 2 folder and cleaned house. I kept the projects I felt could turn into something, and deleted the rest. I then began writing additional material to fill out the project more. Before I knew it, EP 2 had its own identity, different from the first batch, meaner. It has been over a year of writing (again), getting the final masters ready, and all that mess, but I finally have a release date for you! Strains: Variety Pack EP 2 will release August 30th 2016 through Daly City Records.

What’s inside?

It will have 8 brand new songs, some of which you might have heard if you’ve seen me live this year or last. Some of the songs are currently getting radio play one some college stations, as well as podcasts and Internet radio stations. The lovely people at LetsTalkAboutTheMusic have been amazing supporters thus far. Don’t be shy to call in to your local station and request some new LAMEBOT tunes. Although, don’t be surprised if they have zero clue who you’re talking about, but request it enough and they will have to play it… right??? … right?

The new EP will also include three scorching remixes. Strange Media label mate ‘madSavvy’ will make another remix appearance on here (he was on EP 1). He and I also have an upcoming collab EP coming out in October that’s gonna be pretty rad. We go by ‘Native Method’ for that. Want to hear our promo single? check out Native Method – 地下 (Chika). He’s also got his solo EP dropping in September called ‘Worlds Apart’, so pick that up if you like intergalactic space bass.

The homie ‘MarshSound’ will also be on there. This dude makes the illest jungle/juke inspired tunes that melt so perfect with anime clips and video games. I’ve been playing some of his tunes in my sets for a while now, so check him out if you haven’t already. The last remix will be by Gucci Wang… yeah I’ll let that one be a surprise. The overall sounds on EP 2 range in genres like always, but the vibe is definitely a bit more antagonistic than the first. Mark your calendar!

Variety Pack EP 2_CoverStrains: Variety Pack EP 2
Out 08.30.2016
Track List:

  1. Crystal Coma
  2. Durban Poison
  3. Green Crack
  4. Sour Diesel
  5. Ghost Train Haze
  6. Ultimate Trainwreck
  7. Black Diamond
  8. Cobra Klutch
  9. Cataract Kush (madSavvy Remix)
  10. Cataract Kush (MarshSound Remix)
  11. Black Diamond (Gucci Wang Remix)

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