Strange Media 2015 Sampler

The Strange Media Productions 2015 Sampler released today and that makes me happy for two reasons…

    1. It always makes me happy to share music with others, especially if the music is coming from me and my mates
    2. This is the second annual release of the “sampler” … that makes it like a real thing right? An annual release? I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty damn cool.

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Anyway, lots of cool stuff on this sampler. Our crew is especially Strange. Carnival Waste is on here with two dope and very different CamClubtracks. Funny story about Carnival Waste… we had played a few shows together back in the early 2000’s back when I was the singer in a Miami metal band called “A Four Letter Word” but never actually knew each other. Fast forward a decade and here we are. Kenichi Ohme is a newbie on the sampler and another Miami native. I met him by chance at an art gallery a few of my friends were showing at and he was performing. Dude has a very distinctive and eclectic style, I definitely admire the work ethic, that’s a big deal to me.
Rounding out the new guys on here is Shortrock. A well-versed turntablist from Boston, I actually met Shortrock through Uncommon Nasa on twitter. I recently got a chance to share the stage with him for my set at The Chameleon Club in Dover, NH last month, and having live instrumentation and scratches layered onto my set made for a unique performance. Long story short, after the show, Shortrock agreed to have Strange Media Productions re-release an exclusive extended version of his first album. Strange Media will also be putting out some of his newer material later this year!
At that same show in Dover, madSavvy dropped some new massive tunes in a big Strange Media take over that night. He’s got a mega Mochipet remix on this and just put up a new one on his soundcloud too!
P∆PER †OMB$ is a name you guys should know by now, I’ve seen the download/stream stats. Their contribution features vocals from a How To Destroy Angels track called “A Drowning.” And nearly 4 years after Volume 1, Pistol Opera Agency emerges with what will likely be the opening track to Volume 2. It’s been a long process, but I can say that Tokyo finished up all the beats, and the songs are about 75% done right now. Speaking of Black-Tokyo, this madman dropped back-to-back EP’s this month! War Paint (which is on the sampler) is on one of those EPs and has a killer Danny Brown sample and Tokyo on vocals.
Damn there is so much to be excited about with this sampler if you’re a Strange Media fan. I got two tracks on here: Ambrosia is an original that was part of the Strains project but didn’t quite fit in will with the next EP. The other song is my funky rendition of Kipod by Infected Mushroom. New Hungry Ghost on this thing too, and it’s indicative of more new material coming soon. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this, its free so please do your best to share it with a friend or five!

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