Trash & Tolished Purds

Trash & Tolished Purds

Hey everyone!

I got some new projects coming out kind of soon and I wanted to share some backstory with you. Really it started with you guys. I was having an open discussion on twitter about sound quality, knowing when to release or hold onto a song, things of that nature. I mentioned I had some tracks from 2014 I never exactly finished for sound quality reasons, my skills just weren’t there yet.
Truth is, when I started writing the very first Stains EP in 2014, I also started writing a lot of other stuff too. A handful ended up becoming songs for Strains 2, but a few started forming an album of their own. I knew what I wanted to achieve sonically but I wasn’t sure how to treat the sounds and mix it properly. I let this folder build and build into an “album” folder I affectionately called “Trash”. I’ve added some song ideas to this folder as recent as this month.

I was in a car with some fellow Strange Media fam and we heard the whole folder on the ride and we noticed something glaring issues. Mainly, the sounds were almost dated. When compared to the newer tracks and remixes I’m working on now, these sounded really old. They also didn’t sound as good together as I had originally planned. It was not an easy journey because I would kind of stress finishing stuff in some arbitrary order to release projects. Once I realized this self-imposed order didn’t matter (thank you Mochipet for the talks) it was an easy call to decide to break up the album into smaller EPs and update the sound to fit my newer production style. In all honesty, my initial reaction was to trash everything and start over, but I was talked out of it, so thank MadSavvy for the flood of tunes coming your way.

There will be a total of 4 “Trash” EPs. 1 is already done, and the second is pretty far along. There was also a small batch of other songs I had started writing in 2014 and didn’t finish. For some reason or another, I didn’t feel they fit whatever album I was building in my head. And that brings us to this project, Tolished Purd. I wrote the majority of these two songs in 2014 when I had just moved back to NY for school. I liked the songs, but I just knew my sound quality wasn’t on par with what I felt they could possibly sound like. I put them in the freezer so to speak and kind of forgot about them until some of you on twitter asked about old projects. I dusted them off and decided to try and make these songs sound as good as possible and push them out.

Some parts had been over processed already and made mixing them tricky. It also sort of goes against my own philosophy of deleting projects if they don’t get finalized in a short period of time. So not only was it a good way to push my limits and go out of my comfort zone, but it forced me to look back at myself and try and correct some mistakes. I gave some original stems to a few friends to help me out with some remixes as well.

Hopefully, you won’t be able to tell these songs are nearly 4 years old until you read this. Which judging from the current size of this blurb, seems like some people might never know haha. Anyway, Tolished Purd will release 3/12 and be available everywhere.

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