Tremendo Basel Bro…

Tremendo Basel Bro…

My mind is so fried from Basel I can’t string together coherent thought right now. What follows are snippets of updates in no particular order…November Strange Bass was full of legends! Otto Von Schirach & Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew came out and put on for Miami! It’s all about the U! I didn’t even go to UM but I felt like a Cane that night. Jason Forrest, who is a pioneer himself in the breakcore scene came out too and smashed BPM speed limits with another Miami legend, DoorMouse.

Art Basel was insane. I was virtually sleepless for a week and it was damn worth it. I met so many cool people, artists, DJs…. It makes the insane traffic and gross amount of people here feel worth it. We had an Art Basel version of Strange Bass and it went pretty well. The traffic ate a lot of people who bought presale tickets, but I’m honored and humbled to be able to say that we even had presales. Anyway, MartyParty came out and threw down a huge huge set full of unreleased tunes. He also club tested a bunch of the tunes that I had just recently mastered for him. It was a dope experience to hear something I had just worked on 2-3 days ago being played out by the man himself in a club setting. My set was full of Jersey club tunes and I also played all of Trash 3 soooooo I’m glad it went over well.

Trash 1 did its job in almost cleansing the palette of “expected sounds” and Trash 2 is doing well so far with more radio play and support than I could have ever hoped for. Trash 3 is all done and mastered, just in the process of waiting for approval on a big sample and then I’ll shop it to a few labels and or release through MLKMNY/Strange Media.

I’m keeping my word yo! I made my first YouTube video in a minute, I’ll be making more of these soon, but I want your input as far as what you want to see. First one is about how I write stuff quickly.

Quick back story on the “Trash” EP’s… So I wrote MOST of the songs back in 2014 while I was living in NY. My mixing and mastering wasn’t as good as it is now and I knew I could do better. I kept writing more tunes and I kept saving songs for an “album” that never seemed to come. I had about 15 songs or so saved from 2014-2018 and when I played them all together, it sounded like ass. I was absolutely ready to throw everything away. Just TRASH it all and start fresh. MadSavvy and my homie Diz weighed in and gave me the idea to separate it in smaller EP’s. So that’s what I did. I grouped the songs that worked best together and then went back to ‘update’ the production. Trash 1 & 2 are definitely based on personal relationships I had… you can tell from the instrumentation and of course the lyrics, which were all added in the final sessions.

Let’s see… also, played another set on the radio for Shake 94.3 FM live from Jada Coles in Coral Gables so that was cool. And we now have one of our Strange Bass shirts online! Check for that one (it’s UM colors 😉). I’m working on switching my merch over to something besides Society6. Ever since I got hit with that Thrasher thing and then having my LAMEBUTT merch censored without them telling me…. I haven’t been cool with them. I’m thinking about keeping it completely local. Shoot me some ideas!

2019 is going to be dope. Trash 3 is ready and will be out then, so will a new version of Amanda Grymez! Yup, Amanda Grymez v3.0 is ready for release! I also got this weird killer collab with Otto & MadSavvy coming out around the same time. And I’ll be finalizing the last of the Trash EP’s after…. So maybe a Trash 4 in 2019! Just expect more tunes and more events. I hope to travel a bit more as well. So thank you for reading all this and for sharing my music!

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